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Aargee Pest Management is a Bangalore head quartered business services company with more than 15years of legacy. It is the one of the largest business services company in the world, operating in the major economies of India. The company has over 100 employees providing a range of support services in over India where the brands have come to represent consistent quality of service.

Aargee Pest Management is organized to deliver services by local people around the world. The local operations are organized into six operating divisions where the “ Aargee ' brands have come to represent innovation, deep expertise and consistent quality of service. Services include hygiene, pest control, and landscaping services. The company also has a small corporate centre team which sets group strategy, policy and direction and to provide functional expertise in areas such as talent management, procurement and information technology.
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Mice might be cute in movies, but not in your kitchen. And seeing a rat at your business is definitely a sign of trouble.


Cockroaches can be present in almost any place inhabited by humans. They move quickly and are especially active at night.


Termites are widely regarded as a damaging pest to have in your home or business. Termites (sometimes known as ‘white...

Bed Bugs

Don't fancy being the main course in an insect dinner? Don't blame you. There are altogether too many biting insects...